Mary Poulos

“MARY, slow down and do something no one else can do!” My father would repeat to me constantly as I explored multiple job opportunities, and educational fields, always in a rush. Growing up as a first generation canadian with a strong european background in a small community, exposed me to entrepreneurship at a very young age. 

My work career started at the age of 12, believe it or not, at my local gas station pumping gas, where I would also wheel and deal my dads cars in the parking lot.  Since then, I have been so ambitious to diverge into multiple different opportunities, finding myself most passionate in sales, healthy living, and leadership. I naturally gravitate towards building real human to human connections, always bringing a creative entrepreneurial twist with me! 


I was never really encouraged by sports, so the day I could drive myself to the gym, I got a membership! Ever since, there is never a day you won't catch me in the gym, trying something new! I’ve indulged in multiple training styles and education including;

  •  CanFItPro Personal Trainer Certificate

  • Strength training

  • Darby hypertrophy training

  • Darby kettlebell training

  • CrossFit Level 1 Participant

  • Darby Certified Lean Body Coach

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training. 


After losing both of my parents suddenly in my early twenties, while holding a secure leadership role, sent me out on my path of discovery. I left my job and traveled the world to gain cultural experience through the mind,body, and soul. Experiencing 8 countries in one year, I spent the majority of my time in India studying community, philosophy, yoga and meditation. Since returning home, I’ve been investing my entrepreneurial energy into incorporating my passion for business, self love, and community all in one place, for you and I to connect!


Having been faced with many experiences, blessings, obstacles, challenges, and opportunities, I want to share the ability to choose our perception, and take positive approaches in every choice, with ALL the passion I hold.  

I choose happiness

I choose opportunitY

I choose growth

We all have the ability to find good in every situation, and the best advice ever given to me was to “never stop being so passionate!” So now when I hear my dad say to me, DO SOMETHING THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN DO”, I hear “MARY, SPREAD YOUR PASSION!”


Let’s inspire your passion together!





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