Who do you work with?

Great Question! We have created a connected opportunity from taking a positive lifestyle approach and practicing it into our everyday lives, including the workplace! Our customers are based from 3 different avenues;

  1. Individuals seeking life/health/fitness coaching

  2. Business' investing into their people with a very hands on, entrepreneurial approach to leadership, self, and business development.

  3. Small communities looking to give back and connect together.

What Types of Businesses do you work with?

We work with ANY type of business looking to invest into their people and stabilize their growth. Whether you grew too quickly or you’re looking for change within your people and structure, we offer balance. We have a range of experience in settings from retail, contracting, automotive, waste management, sales teams, personal health and fitness. We work with your teams to learn them, learn their position and learn the business, making ourselves available for almost any business! Check out our #jobLOVE page to learn more

What do you offer for Businesses?

We either create or take a look at your business brand and culture to begin - if changes need to be made - we customize them to your build. Next we uncover the opportunities you are looking to tackle within the organization for growth. We specialize in growing teams, - customize on-boarding approach, open interviewing, and hiring with a pipeline strategy - growing our people, - work hands on with employees to relate and connect - look for opportunity - fund growth - and growing your community - volunteer and donation strategies, events, community yoga/fitness offerings for your people. Check out our #jobLOVE page to learn more

What type of Individuals do you work with?

We practice a very positive, healthy, balanced lifestyle and we share our ‘juicy goods’ and coaching approaches to individuals looking to optimize themselves. Our goal is to feel everyone around us, living their best life. We use a ‘walk me through your day’ coaching style to learn our habits, and share them with an outside perspective to reflect and observe. Check out our #selfLOVE page to learn more!

Do you offer one time Fitness plans for individuals?

Absolutely! We are certified as a personal trainer in Canada, and international 200hr Yoga teacher trainer with a variety of experience in strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, Yoga and functional movement. We connect to learn your goals, and you receive a customized plan with explanation. I am available for individual sessions if you wish to reconnect in the future. Check out our #selfLOVE page to learn more!


Do you offer one time Meal Plans for Individuals?

Absolutely! We are certified as a Lean Body Coach to provide you with a macronutrient break down meal plan. Together we will look at your daily nutritional habits, and create a plan together to optimize your health with whole foods and proper hydration! Check out our #selfLOVE page to learn more!

What do you offer the Community?

We work with different businesses that contribute to their community. We are always a part of different charitable events that we open up to our community! We offer 1 hour yoga and mindfulness or meditation sessions for sports teams, small, medium, and large businesses, as well as non for profit communities.

Why do people choose coaching?

  • A fresh perspective

  • Looking to move forward with positive change and support

  • An unbiased partner

  • An investment of interest from a reliable source

  • A space to let go and choose right now

  • To achieve balance

  • To optimize each day

  • To be held accountable to personal and professional goals

  • For GROWTH



What sets your coaching services apart from your competitors?

The most prominent thing that sets us apart, is definitely our passion for a brighter TODAY. You can’t force passion upon yourself, your people, or your partner, however our passion is definitely contagious enough to go viral in our communities. We strive for everyone to life their #BESTLIFE!





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