What the CARNIVORE DIET taught me!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Ever heard of a diet that only consumes.. MEAT? Well I gave it a strict try for 30 days, and it changed my perception on food, eating and how my body uses calories. Science has yet to claim it as a safe diet, however 30 days taught me enough to practice mindful eating for a lifetime!

I follow Joe Rogan often in times of inspiration, as I’m sure many can relate. The Bell brothers made their way onto the show to start conversing about their experience on the carnivore diet, and it REALLY intrigued me. They mentioned how their strength increased, their decrease in blood pressure, their ability to perform, and also sustain, everything sounded so appealing! So basically I waited for the groceries to run out, and went to Costco and bought.. MEAT.

Some people who do the carnivore diet will have black coffee, or still have milk. However I wanted to experience this raw and went all in. Water and MEAT. At this point in my life, I've learnt consistent eating, however I still was a very boring eater. Eating for fuel was my main purpose. I didn't recognize how desperate I was to find enjoyment out of food, until I limited myself to one food group.

I incorporated intermittent fasting into my routine, starting my day at around 730 am, headed to the gym for a fasted strength training workout for about an hour and a half, and then headed home to start cooking my meat for the day. By noon, I would be eating my first steak, or a serving of ground beef. I would notice I was eating until I was completely full, regardless of how much that was. Some days my calories were much lower than others, and some days I felt way more alive than others. For my 8 hour eating period, I would eat as much as I possibly could until 8pm, knowing my next meal wasn’t 12pm the next day.

I started to really understand how sustainable the meat was for my body, and how it allowed my body to feel full in a way I have never experienced before. Although I felt very full, sustainable and strong, I did feel like my body was lacking some nutrients. I never thought I would be dreaming of broccoli and macadamia nuts, and pineapple so often!

I did 30 days STRAIGHT of meat only in my diet. I felt so sustainable, and became very aware of how my body digests different meat. I only consumed beef, chicken, and some salmon, lacking variety to my life, which changed the way I look at food completely now. After 30 days, I decided to do 30 more days, but incorporate fruit a couple times a week, as my body was looking for simple carbs. I then started to REALLY learn how my body was using carbs for energy.

The majority of what I learnt from challenging this diet, soaked in after, as I immediately followed with 30 days being on the yogi vegan diet. Experiencing two polar opposite diets, side by side, REALLY taught me to appreciate food.

After 60 days being on basically the carnivore diet to then diving into a yogi vegan diet… in Rishikesh, India was the most observational point for met. I went from consuming 0 carbs to 10% carbs to 90% carb diet, and have never felt better through that transition. The way that my body learnt how to digest carbs from neglecting them for so long, made me so self aware of how my body now digests all types of food, making me extremely mindful in my eating patterns now.

I was SO closed off from trying new foods, only sticking to the most simple macro contents I knew, to know trying new things on a weekly basis with influenced flavours from around the world. I seem to always learn things the ‘harder way’ I guess you could say, but I'm so happy to have optimized my carnivore experience into now appreciating flavour, and incorporating variety into my eating choices!

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